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 © Martin Surl 2012

Dear fellow Gloucestershire residents


On 15 November 2012, you were asked to vote in one of the most important elections ever. Your vote changed the way in which one of our most valued institutions – the Police Service – is managed in England & Wales. For the first time, Police and Crime Commissioners have been  elected to replace Police Authorities.


Some people think the role is a political appointment that will take the place of the Chief Constable. That is not the case. The Chief Constable will still be responsible for the day to day running of Gloucestershire Constabulary. The Commissioner will be responsible for the budget and its overall objectives. The Commissioner will set clear goals such as making our streets safer for older people and women at night, but it will be the Chief Constable’s job to make it happen.


As for it being a political appointment, Prime Minister David Cameron said he hoped the role would attract people from all backgrounds, not just politicians. As a former senior police officer, I have worked at home and abroad in policing, crime reduction and counter terrorism for more than 30 years. That doesn’t make me resistant to change; quite the contrary because it gives me a unique understanding of how important an effective police service is to our security and sense of community and, more importantly, how to achieve a safer Gloucestershire.


On this website you can read about me and the reasons I stood for election. I have set out why I think the role is so important to the future of our police service, our communities and quality of life, along with my post-election plans. I promise to make the police more accessible, which will undoubtedly include stopping the closure of our most important local stations, to ensure older people do not feel they are left out of society and to help young people to become responsible adults.


I thank everyone who supported me on 15 November 2012. Now the work has begun to deliver the safer, stronger Gloucestershire that you, your neighbours and our communities deserve.


Best wishes

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Martin Surl


Press play button to hear Martin Surl interviewed by Steve Kitchen on BBC Radio Gloucestershire after his election victory on November 16