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What will I be responsible for if I'm elected?

The job of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible. It will bring communities closer to the police, build confidence in the system and restore trust. The Commissioner will give you a voice at the highest level and ensure your police are accountable. If I am elected:


- I will be personally and publicly accountable and available to everyone in Gloucestershire on all aspects of crime and anti-social behaviour. I will work with you to understand your needs and concerns


- I will set the county’s strategic policing plan and priorities to reflect your views and to improve the performance, professionalism and reputation of Gloucestershire Constabulary


- I will set the policing budget and work with the Chief Constable and you to make the right choices about funding, especially for police buildings and officers in rural areas.


- I will not allow the Constabulary’s operational efficiency to become reliant upon private sector organisations and contracts.


- I will protect the Constabulary’s ability to respond successfully to routine events and local or national crises. I will develop partnerships with other police forces and agencies to ensure the people of Gloucestershire receive the very best service and protection.



The Commissioner must, by law, implement sections of the Winsor Review, an independent review of police officers’ & staff remuneration and conditions. It is the most comprehensive review in 30 years and aims to improve service for the public and value for money.


I recognise the unprecedented changes and challenges the Constabulary faces in this. The Commissioner will have some discretion in this and if elected, I will work with the Chief Constable to put in place a programme to improve morale. I will welcome proposals and am prepared to devote funding for it.

Effective foot patrol is a policing art. I would like to see all recruits undertake a minimum number of foot patrol hours during their first two years of their service. 

'I will speak up for victims,

hold the Chief Constable to account and be involved in all aspects of policing and the wider justice system'

The officers and staff of

Gloucestershire Constabulary

Walking the beat