What I have done

Keeping our young drivers safe

More than 6,000 young, novice, pre-driving test teenagers have undergone road safety training either through Pathfinder courses, Drive iQ and Wrecked anti-drink/drug drive campaign.

Improving our communities

1,000 organisations have signed-up to the Keep Safe scheme, providing a safe haven for more than 6,000 of Gloucestershire’s older and most vulnerable people

I have supported 129 organisations and 240 projects to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in Gloucestershire

Keeping you safe on the internet

Gloucestershire is now one of the leading forces in the UK in the field of cybercrime tackling online fraud and social media bullying

I have achieved much more…

  • The Constabulary’s future is more secure – “The Constabulary is stable and can look forward to the future with confidence”Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary
  • I have stopped any more police station closures
  • Despite £20m cuts , I have protected frontline policing
  • I made updating the Constabulary’s ICT and improving its mobile policing capability a priority
  • After years of indecision by the former authority and chief constables,  I have undertaken a major overhaul of police buildings saving council tax payers an estimated £10m on plans inherited from the Police Authority

Much of the above, and more, has been achieved through working with the public and other partners, listening to what they have to say and acting on it.

You can find out much more about how the Commissioner’s Fund has supported the projects in your area and elsewhere by clicking on this link: https://www.gloucestershire-pcc.gov.uk/what-the-pcc-has-done-for-gloucestershire/

Vote Martin Surl on May 5th 2016

Help me keep politics out of policing and continue what we started.