Why should you re-elect me

Let me answer this for you…

In reality television programmes like Strictly Come Dancing, they talk about ‘the journey’. The journey for me began when I was elected Gloucestershire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012. This is why I believe I am the best qualified to continue the work the public asked me to do:

  • I know the job. In the three years I have been Police and Crime Commissioner I have overseen many changes and developments in policing in Gloucestershire
  • My Police and Crime Plan – the strategy the police work to – uniquely offers everyone a stake in making Gloucestershire a better, safer place
  • Together with the Chief Constable and her senior officer team – all appointed on my watch – I have helped bring stability to the Constabulary….
  • …because of that work, we now have a Constabulary which Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMIC) described as ‘outstanding’ for planning; ‘good’ at keeping the public safe and a workforce model that is ‘sustainable and affordable’.

Vote Martin Surl on May 5th 2016

Help me keep politics out of policing and continue what we started.