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New home secretary makes it a hat-trick

After four days in the job, the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, will know by now why so many commentators call it THE most difficult of the great offices of state. Not only has he picked-up an inbox simmering with the backlash over the Windrush scandal, but also with arguments continuing to rage over police cuts, rising knife crime and other law and order issues.

When spending a penny should cost you six points on your licence

I am fiercely proud of my Gloucestershire heritage but there are times when that pride is sorely tested.

It happens mostly on my way into work. It is not just the quantity of litter. Even without a close inspection, it is not difficult to identify the pastel-coloured liquids in some of the see through containers that decorate the hard shoulder.

True to my word.. Neighbourhood policing is back!

Neighbourhood Policing is very much a priority for the Constabulary.

But because of unprecedented cuts it had been downgraded. I made it a manifesto pledge in 2016 that I would do what I could to make the police maintain and develop a new approach to neighbourhood policing because for me its the golden thread that runs through policing and without it the police will lose their effectiveness.