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Why Will pulled out of the BBC debate.

It would be an understatement to say I was not angry when  the Tory party candidate in the Gloucestershire Police & Crime Commissioner election pulled out of the BBC debate at very short notice.

It was particularly galling as I firmly believed this was a tactical withdrawal following his dreadful performance at all the other hustings events and that he was now being protected from the risk of further gaffs .

Solving your road safety problem?

Within the first three months of my second term a new team will be created within the Road Safety Partnership.
The ‘Road Safety Problem Solving Hub’ will be formed and become the central point of referrals for all parishes, towns, schools, individuals and communities who have concerns about any road safety issue in their locality.

Older but not overlooked

All of the priorities in my Police and Crime Plan are aimed not only at making Gloucestershire a good place to live, work and visit but also about ensuring a society that is fair, just and compassionate. The Older but not overlooked priority will continue because I want our older people to feel and remain an active part of our communities whether they live in their own homes or residential care.

Safe and social driving

Although we are privileged to live in a rural county, we must acknowledge the higher road safety risk that exists and that is why I will continue to make Safe & social driving a priority. 60% of all road fatalities occur on rural roads and around the UK 3 people die on country roads each and every day. However, road deaths and injuries are not inevitable.

CCTV review

I am committed to the upgrade and continued use of CCTV in the county and will continue to support local initiatives through the Commissioner’s Fund.

CCTV is an essential part of policing and community safety in Gloucestershire.

Why I’m voting for Martin Surl by Roger Head – Former High Sheriff.

Elections might not be as eagerly awaited as buses but, as the saying goes, you wait for one and several come along at once. It’s not surprising that the EU referendum is dominating the news agenda, and that’s why I want to highlight another election that is very important to Gloucestershire but is in danger of being overshadowed.