Common sense prevails….

One of the main roles of being a PCC, or a DPCC for that matter, is dealing with the public. Meeting them, talking with them, representing them and listening to them. We hear moans, complaints, concerns and also compliments, whether it be about the Police or the work of the Commissioner and his team( the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner).

The OPCC receives hundreds of letters and email correspondence each year. Some are easily dealt with but others require more thought, research or need Martin or I to set out our position on an issue.

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Drink, drugs, ammunition, tailgating and speeds of 126mph as thousands get caught in Gloucestershire’s Police crack down on A417/419

Well over 1,000 speeding offences have been recorded with the worst offender clocked at 126 mph.

Tailgating, use of a mobile phone, vehicle plate offences and failure to use a seatbelt are among the other offences recorded.

But it has not only been about enforcement. Police officers have been on hand to give assistance to 10 drivers who broke down and another 10 who needed help for other reasons.

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The case for change

‘Empire building’ and an "ego thing". These are just a couple of the venomous accusations directed at me since I've challenged the current governance of Gloucestershire’s Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS). I will say it again, here, just to make it clear: When I was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner, I never had any intention of overseeing the fire service as well.

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The first port of call and no longer the last.

We have so many days when its dedicated to a particular campaign or issue… some are serious, others are not . Whilst many are forgettable there are a few which I remember each year. World Mental Health Day is one of the latter. So that's why this year I decided we needed to mark it locally , more on that later in this article.

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Police have better things to do than catch motorists on the A417

News of the new super long range enforcement camera being used by Gloucestershire Police has gone viral and features in most national and regional news coverage and many trade magazines. The A417 in Gloucestershire is notorious for all the wrong reason; a motorist being caught driving at a speed of 167mph, horrendous jams and delays, excessive pollution at the Air Balloon junction, dreadful noise from the concrete section and a lamentable accident rate and lives lost.

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Not in my town….

Listening to @HeartGlosNews this morning I heard the story about homelessness in Gloucestershire. The number quoted in the news bulletin attributed to a report by the organisation Shelter was that 521 people are said to be currently living on the streets or sofa surfing in the city of Gloucester. This is 2018 in our county and the sad reality for some.

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