Should crime be sugar-coated?

Ignorance is bliss. It is a phrase I fall back on whenever I discover stories in the media I didn’t know about. Like news that security forces have prevented more terrorist attacks; or a police operation has foiled criminals whose activities would keep fathers like me awake at night. Read More

When two wrongs don’t make a right

A man wrongly accused of rape. Another murdered on suspicion of abusing children. Surely nothing damages the reputation of the police or offends the British sense of fair play more than a miscarriage of justice. So, could it happen in Gloucestershire? Read More

True to my word.. Neighbourhood policing is back!

Neighbourhood Policing is very much a priority for the Constabulary. But because of unprecedented cuts it had been downgraded. I made it a manifesto pledge in 2016 that I would do what I could to make the police maintain and develop a new approach to neighbourhood policing because for me its the golden thread that runs through policing and without it the police will lose their effectiveness. Read More

Putting children first

If you are feeling a bit flat as the festive season enters phase two – grazing on leftovers, pondering on unrealistic resolutions - let me introduce you to two young women whose stories will give you a lift. By any measure, Ada and Annie – we promised not to use their full names – had difficult pathways through the furnace of adolescence. Both had early brushes with the law but with contrasting fortunes. Read More