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"In 2012 our young people & staff wanted to meet the PCC candidates, Martin Surl arrived and everyone warmed to his honest, open personality and his down to earth approach. Little did we know, a few years later, The Commissioners Fund was to save us from closure. That money has allowed us to continue and grow. Martin has visited our project many times and supports us with his time, knowledge and the excellent team he has built.He has helped us to care for innumerable vulnerable people in need of community care services. Thank you Martin."

Project manager of Redwell Centre.

“Politics does not feature on Martin Surl’s agenda as Gloucestershire’s Police Commissioner.  What I like about him is that he believes that helping the community has a positive effect on breaking the cycle of crime. He has been brave in putting a proportion of his budget into communities to combat crime and it is working”.

Director Business West

‘Working with Martin over the past 6 years has taught me that Martin has a genuine interest in the community and young people in particular. Through the Commissioner’s Fund, we have been able to benefit many hundreds of children and families using the Friendship Café (Chequers) and the City Farm.  Martin is very down to earth, listening to any suggestions and criticisms and  has really strived to do the best for Gloucestershire."

Coordinator, The Friendship Café & St James City Farm

“The PCC’s idea of encouraging local people to come up with their own ideas to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in their own communities is brilliant. Some of the projects are truly inspiring and if lending my support as an ambassador for the Commissioner’s Fund helps then I’m delighted to do what I can”.

High Sheriff of Gloucestershire - 2016-17

“Martin has established the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner as a credible force for good within the county. He’s successfully integrated local volunteers and communities into an overall strategy for preventing and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.”

High Sheriff of Gloucestershire - 2015-16

“Martin as PCC has done so much for the county - he dedicates 1% of his budget towards good causes that help his priorities within the Police & Crime Plan. I feel he’s done a lot around the Young People Becoming Adults priority, and supported many organisations that are key to that aim. A modest investment when people are young has an enormous effect on when they’re older. If people become responsible adults, then they will add something to the community they live in, rather than costing the community.”

High Sheriff of Gloucestershire - 2017-18